How Scotland learns from abroad

Shared Parenting Scotland has published a report on finding out how other countries do things. Their resources now mean that anyone else in the world can benefit from how Scotland learns from abroad.

To help shape how to help separating families and children, the new report follows up a series of webinars.

The report starts with what Lord Justice Clerk Gill, wrote in the 2009 ‘Report of the Scottish Civil Courts Review’. And it ends with how, at last in 2024, change IS possible:

Scottish civil courts provide a service to the public that is slow, inefficient and expensive … In short, they are failing to deliver justice.


This report explores developments from other countries which have the potential to improve the resolution of family conflict. … Change IS possible. So, if change is happening abroad, let’s make it happen for Scotland.

The webinars and the 16-page report describe nine projects from six legislatures: the USA, The Netherlands, Israel, Alaska, Singapore, and England and Wales … which, for Scotland, is “abroad” though all are part of the UK!

Shared Parenting Scotland’s webinars and report are an excellent model of the good practice of collating other people’s good practice and how anyone learns from abroad. Watch the webinars. Click on Page Two below to see a summary of the approaches covered in the report.