Parenting Coordinators: the missing link?

Are “parent coordinators” one of the missing links in dealing with family separation or divorce? And, should they, with their skills of coach and mediator wrapped into one, and not lawyers, be one of the first ports of call for a family under stress or “breaking up”?

According to one of Australia’s leading parenting coordination practitioners, a Parenting Coordinator may:

  • Coach parents in post-separation communications strategies, conflict resolution and anger management

  • Assist parents transition from being ex-partners to co-parents

  • Meet Court Orders

  • Mediate on-going disagreements & conflict

  • Assist parents in building lasting strategy to meet custody and event commitments

  • Reduce children’s exposure to parental conflict

  • Promote healthy relationships  between children and both parents

  • Reduce stress for children when transitioning between homes

  • Facilitate smooth time share

  • Create a more balanced home environment for children

  • Help children maintain their sense of security, trust and self-esteem