Shaping the best future system for separating families

Everyone knows that support systems for separating families need to be improved everywhere. Thousands of activists choose to work with one part of the system. They hope that will do the trick. This pie chart lets us think more carefully about shaping the best future system for separating families.

For Kids Sake is the Australian organisation that designed the pie-chart. The aims include: “Creating a modern approach to family breakdown”. The pie-chart sets out the options for people who want to improve the systems of the future.

The big slices are best

The system pie has six slices of different sizes.

  1. Family law reform;
  2. Changed procedures in family courts;
  3. Introduction of arbitration;
  4. Enhanced conciliation;
  5. Early interventions; and
  6. Education.

The message is clear:

Educational programs and early interventions are likely to improve the wellbeing of separating families and children significantly more than changes to family law.

For Kids Sake

For decades, we’ve given most attention to the thinnest slice – reforming family law – that is least effective for the most families and children.

Change takes time. For now, at the troubled frontline, everyone can only do the best they can.

Yet for any serious re-imagining and changing of future systems, the pie chart helps in shaping the best future system for separating families.