Two Wishes

We represent young people

“I used to think that every child got three wishes. But my very first wish – to grow up in a happy family – did not come true. 

My second wish was to spend as much time as possible with each of my parents and everyone who loved and cared for me. But that didn’t come true either.

My third wish, I’m determined, will come true: to make sure that what happened to me – a childhood lost in systems meant to help me – will never happen to any other child.”

Rosy, UK

On this site, you will get to hear, first hand, from young people who experienced changes or difficulties within their family while a child: a family break-up; the loss of a relationship; or family law proceedings, for instance.

What young people say may surprise you. But, along with scientific evidence of what’s best for children and families, it must be used to inform good policy and decisions.

Every child deserves at least Two Wishes. Help us give children their brightest possible futures in a world where families and lives are forever changing, but where good family connections give us all the best hope for the future.