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Getting Help

Wherever you are in the world, and whether you’re a young person experiencing trouble at home, a parent who doesn’t know what to do during a marriage break-up, or a professional wanting to make sure you’ve got the experience and qualifications you need to help a family, we aim to make this a place where you can get help. 

Throughout this site, you can find information about a range of subjects that we hope you will find useful, relevant or interesting. In this section, we’re creating simple guides to help you decide what to do and find out what local help is available and what are the best resources to turn to.

We encourage you to seek professional advice, when you need it, for your own mental or physical health, especially if it’s urgent – this isn’t a substitute for that – but we aim to help you work out what sort of advice may help you best and where best to find it.

Please help us improve this section, and contribute additional links and resources if you can, so we can make it more helpful to more people.

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