2040 VisionWorld

Our 2040 vision

Our vision for the year 2040 is based on evidence and world’s best practices available right now.

We can learn much from looking at the best scientific research from around the world, as well as by looking at the best practices, programs, pilot schemes and people around today.

Our key decision-makers, politicians, are often reluctant to make decisions on their own; they don’t like to take risks or stick their necks out. One of the first things they often ask is to see examples of “world’s best practices” – examples of programs or ideas already proving successful somewhere else; unlike risk-taking entrepreneurs, they like to know that something has already been tried and tested.

The good news is that modern communication enables us to share the best ways of looking after the wellbeing of children and families – the best traditional, and modern, practices – from remote villages to major cities around the globe.

We can see, for instance, how traditional, extended families, and the ongoing involvement of multiple relatives in the care of children, add resilience and stability to families today. We can demonstrate how allocating greater resources to supporting families earlier in their lives pays dividends in the health and wellbeing not just of children and their families, but of entire communities.

In this section, our 2040 Vision, you’ll encounter some great examples of how different places and different individuals are doing things better – sometimes in ways that are truly inspirational.

Combining the best research and practices from around the world creates our vision for 2040. We hope you’ll share our determination to get there early!