Listening to young people


What young people say about family separation & courts

Two Wishes represents and shares the views and experiences of children and young people. By listening to these young voices, from a wide range of family backgrounds and situations, we are able to establish what matters most to young people and what changes need to be made to help them. Listening to all these voices is also a powerful reminder of our mission – to prevent harm to children and help create new systems that provide the best, most accessible and most appropriate support and care.

The videos below remind us of the importance of family to every child and the impact on young people when families separate. (Click on the coloured buttons below to explore other themes.)

Just Two Wishes …

Here’s what children from around the world said when asked by Children International
what they’d do with just two wishes – one for humanity, one for themselves …

“For me,
I want my family to always be together
and also to go to the moon.
For the world, I want peace.”