2040 Vision

What changes are best?

The Two Wishes Foundation works with international partners to develop a modern approach for dealing with family separation or divorce. We aim to identify what changes are best to focus on.

The approach is based on scientific evidence of what’s best for the long-term wellbeing of children and families. Family law dominates this subject in many countries around the world when the evidence tells us it should not .

“Family separation or divorce is one of the greatest,
least-recognised health risks to our children.”

We have representatives around the globe finding and highlighting examples of world’s best practices. We are trawling the academic literature to find the best ideas, programs, practices and pilot schemes. We look to create evidence-based policies and recommendations that are best for children and their families. We are always open to input, debate and further evidence that will contribute towards enhancing these recommendations.

The current systems we have in place around the world are harming children every day. Implementing this fresh approach to family breakdown is urgent. That’s how we protect the next generation from the harm and trauma many children are exposed to today.

What type of changes, reforms or programs will lead to the greatest and most cost-effective improvements? 

The chart illustrates what will work best. The wellbeing of separating families and their children will more likely improve by educational programs and early interventions than by changes to family law.

The key to finding what changes are best means moving our energy and focus to where the light shines. Read more here.